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How I Won a $215 WCOOP Ticket
PokerStars School member '73REX73', or Shaun, as he's known to his friends, has an exciting story to tell, and we feel that the story is not finished yet, as there may be more to come in this tale. You see, Shaun, a 45-year-old poker player from the United Kingdom has just bagged himself a $215 WCOOP ticket via the PokerStars EPT webcast that was taking place last week.

Whether it's a freeroll or a big tournament '73REX73' always has the same motivation to do well. He loves playing the game of poker. Some of his earliest childhood memories are of playing gin rummy with his family. One of the first poker game references he ever saw was in an old wild west movie and it made him curious enough to want to find out more about the game. Poker at first seemed very complicated, and all you would see of it at the time was on some late night TV shows. Things changed quickly however and soon after the online poker boom took place, with lots of poker sites to whet the appetite.

As Shaun began to play a lot more online he also recognised the need to brush up on his skills and this was how he discovered PokerStars School. Looking back on it now he wishes that he had taken more advantage of all the free content over the years. In those early days, the adrenaline of playing was too much fun over studying. More recently the idea of seriously studying the game of poker has taken new focus. Now Shaun sets aside time regularly to read strategy articles and watch videos helping him to improve his level of skill. He states that he's grateful for the information found here and that there are some fantastic resources available, not just for beginners, but for more experienced players also.

Another aspect of PokerStars School that Shaun enjoys is the promotions. It was in once such promotion that Shaun won an entry into an $11 WCOOP tournament in our poker forum, and he made a min-cash in that one. There have been so many great promotions for WCOOP this year which so great for players without a big bankroll. While playing in his $11 WCOOP tournament he also fired up the EPT Platinum Pass freeroll and this is where things really got exciting. He narrowly missed out on the chance of winning a Platinum Pass although he did finish high enough in the prizes to bag himself a $215 WCOOP ticket for the Sunday Million event.

The decision he has to make now is whether he'll use the ticket soon or hold-on to it for a while as he learns more about the game.

What advice would you give to '73REX73'? Comment below!

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