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The Hand Replayer is a tool designed to help our members share their PokerStars hand histories with others. Once shared you can analyze and discuss your hands, helping you to improve your poker game.

How to use the Hand Replayer

STEP 1: Log in:

You need to be logged in order to use the Hand Replayer. If you don't already have an account, here are the instructions to register with PSO.
Step 2: Launch Hand Replayer:

Go to this page to launch the Hand Replayer.
Step 3: Add Hand:

Click on the purple plus (+) sign on the top right. This will open another window.

STEP 4:Paste in PokerStars Hand History:

Paste your hand history into the large box on the top of the page. You can paste up to 5 hands at any time.

See below for how to obtain your PokerStars hand history.

Click on Read data button below the box - This will add each hand into the table below.

Click on Quick Save button at the bottom of the table.

Now your hand or batch of hands will be saved in the Replayer and you will see a list of them in the main table.
Step 5: Replay your hands:

Highlight the hand to be replayed from the table.

Click on the Play Button on the top right hand side of the page. (The play button is located to the left of the Facebook icon.) This will open a new browser window or tab and your hand will be replayed.

Using the controls on the bottom right of the screen you have the ability to :

    + Start the hand over again,
    + Play the hand slow, medium or fast,
    + Turn the sound on or off or,
    + Pause the hand.

Close the window to come out of the hand and you go back to the main Hand Replayer table to select another hand to be played.
Step 6: Share your hands on Facebook:

Highlight the hand to be shared from your table and click on the Facebook button on the top right of the screen.

Log into your Facebook account. The hand will appear on the screen and you can add comments if you wish.

Click the share button on the bottom of the page and your hand in the replayer will be posted to your Facebook wall.

Step 7: Link builder::

Click on the link button located to the right of the Facebook button on the top right of the Hand Replayer page.

A link builder box will pop up (see below)

This tool gives you the ability to do any of the following:

   + Embed: html code to paste into a standard web page,
   + Shared link: paste as a link to the replayed hand,
   + Facebook: this provides the same function as the  
   + Facebook button on the first screen,

Forum/Blog: paste into a forum post or your member blog.

It is important to select the right link type to get the correct code so that you can post your hand.

For the PSO forum or your blog you need to select link type - Forum/Blog. Also you can choose from the drop down include hands, to show all hands you in your main menu or just one selected hand.

Retrieving Hand Histories from PokerStars:

  • While in the lobby of the PokerStars client click on "Requests". Click on the "Hand History" link and then fill out the info on the screen. You can choose your last x hands (up to 100) or can elect to choose a time period, a specific hand number or the hands from a specific tournament. Finally you can choose a language. Once you have selected your hands click "OK" and the Hand Histories will be emailed to the email address you have registered with PokerStars.

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