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Five Card Omaha

As you might have guessed, Five Card Omaha is just like standard Omaha, but each player is dealt Five hole cards, face down.
You still have to combine two of your hole cards with three of the community cards to make your hand. You've just got an extra card to choose from!

And if you thought Omaha was an action game, just wait until you've tried the Five Card version. Apart from the extra hole card, the game plays just like standard Omaha.

Pot Limit Omaha – or PLO – as it's often called, is one of the most entertaining, action-packed and skilful forms of poker. In this guide we'll review the basic rules of the game, and look at how Omaha differs from Texas Holdem. Lastly, we'll talk about betting and the meaning of Pot Limit.

Just like in a game of Holdem, the dealer button moves clockwise round the table and action starts with two players posting forced bets, called Blinds. The Small Blind, and the Big Blind.

Cards are dealt and then there are four rounds of betting:
  1. Pre-Flop
  2. On the Flop
  3. On the Turn
  4. And finally, the River.
The major difference is that in Five Card Omaha, each player is dealt five hole cards face-down. You're still trying to make the best five-card poker hand, but you must use exactly two from your hand and three of the five community cards.  This usually catches Holdem players out at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

For introductory players we have an Omaha section in our forums where you can discuss Five Card Omaha Strategy with new players and experts of the game alike.

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