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Doni Corlion Strikes Progressive Jackpot Gold
Doni Corlion recently became the latest golden boy of our Progressive Jackpot game when he hit the magical three jackpot symbols to win an amazing amount of $8324.24!!!

We caught up with him for a quick interview about his win.

PokerStars School (PS) -  Hello and congratulations 'Doni Corlion'! You recently won one of the biggest ever jackpots at PokerSchool! Could you tell everyone a little about yourself: where are you from, what is your job, what are your hobbies besides poker? 

Doni Corlion (DC)- Hi! I am a math teacher, and apart from poker, my hobby is my work. I don't have too much time for hobbies unfortunately.

PS - How long are you playing the Scratch and Match game here at PokerStars School? Do you have a secret strategy on how to win the Jackpot that you can share with everyone else (joking, we'd all like to win)?

DC - I have been participating in this promotion for not so long when compared with other members who have been playing it years, maybe 6 months now. I think I simply had a lot of luck. I have no secret, I just believed in myself and try to take it easy. So I think this is a reward for my faith and perseverance. I didn't win a single thing for months but here I am now with the jackpot money in my account. I still cannot believe I won!

PS - Can you say that you are lucky man? Have you ever won a lottery for example?

DC - Yes, I would say in general I am a lucky person. I've won small prizes in life but this is definetely my biggest win to date.

PS - Did you think already about how you will spend the money?

DC - Not yet... I think it will go a long way to furthering my education.

PS - How long are you playing poker? What is your best result?

DC - I have been playing for five years now, but I don't think that I have yet achieved a high enough skill level to become a consistent winner, it's a tough game.

PS  - If you had an opportunity to play heads up with anyone you wish who it would be? And why?

DC - Heads-up? Really don't know, probably Victor Blom... But I am pretty sure that my chances to win are negligibly small. I believe that 'Isildur1' is one of the most skilled players in the world today.

The next Progressive Jackpot tournament will be played on April 29th at 13:15 ET (2262927291) with $8324.24 in prize-money. A total of 10,000 tickets to this tournament have been added to the Scratch and Match game, so get playing for your chance to win one.
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