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Dare to Dream like Ramón Colillas
At this point the story of Ramón Colillas is more or less known, at least in the world of Poker. But if you still do not know it, we recommend that you read this article. It's worth it, because what Ramón has done is great.

These days PokerStars Spain is developing a promotion called "Dare to Dream" inspired by the story of Ramón. It is exclusive for Spain, but if you are reading this anyway you can take advantage of the "THIRTY" offer. And of course, you can always opt at the same time - and as an additional - to our First Deposit Offer.

Here at PokerStars School we asked out members in the forum what questions they would like to ask Ramón. Below you will find a selection of the very best questions asked and also what replies Ramón left them.

Atrévete a Soñar

IVAN ARG1: Tell me a little about how your life was before getting into poker and if you had plans, dreams other than poker.

Ramón: Well, the truth is that my life before getting into poker was a very normal one, like any other person ... I was studying my career and good towards my games online or live, but totally recreational. I loved poker, I saw it on TV, I always dreamed of going to a place like Bahamas ...
I like competition a lot, I am quite optimistic and I like tofulfill or have big dreams and this was one of them. My first dream was fulfilled when I was able to dedicate myself completely to this and from that moment everything evolved.

Anides17: After such important prizes, and with so much sudden money, how do you manage your bankroll now, has something changed in you, do you feel less worried about your future or do you already have plans?

Ramón: Many people say that money gives happiness, I believe that what it gives, above all, is tranquility. This is the main thing that I have noticed. I do not have to worry about whether I've won this month or if I've had two bad months ... You can face everything in a better way and this I think that in the end it also influences in getting good results, right? If you only worry about doing the best in each situation regardless of the cost of money, I think it benefits you. And as for how I manage my bankroll, obviously I'm doing a little higher buy ins, but I'm not going crazy. I play EPTs that I did not do before. Some tournament that probably did not rebuy, now I do ... But apart from this, I already tell you that I have not gone crazy and that my way of managing my banking is not that different

Gabyflow420: Ramón How did you do to show yourself that this dream could be fulfilled, how did you manage to hope and believe in you, when this sport is constantly branded as greed?

Ramón: Well, some people have that negative image of this game ... But this is seen from outside, from people who do not understand poker. From the inside it's like another sport, a competition.
I knew that I had the opportunity to make a great year in Spain and that I could win the Spanish Championship (CEP - Campeonato Español de Poker). And to qualify to go to the Bahamas to the PSPC, I knew it was an opportunity ... An opportunity to enjoy tofulfill a dream.
Once there, I did not go with any goal, to go little by little during the day, and with the idea that if I went far, I would start enjoying and dreaming, would not I?

I've always believed in myself ... I think I'm doing things well, I've studied a lot, I've prepared myself, I think the results prove it. And I knew that this moment was "The Moment" of my life in the professional sense and I did not want anything to cross that out ... What I had clear is that I could have bad luck and that chance can make a difference, but what I was to me, I could not fail, I could not make mistakes. That was the responsibility I had with myself: to do things well, to be focused, to go for everything.

kidvinny: How did you feel at the beginning of your career, did you feel far from your dreams, were there moments where you felt or doubted not to follow anymore?

Ramón: In general the career of the poker player has many ups and downs, when you win you think you are the best in the world, you think "how nice is this job, how cool, I'm doing what I really like ..." but there are also bad times, when things do not go as you want, and luck does not stay with you. And when things go wrong, you do not know how long it will last ... At the beginning of 2017, after winning an important tournament, I was all year with a streak of not entering any ITM, and some investment outside of poker that I did, it was not good. And yes, it was a frustrating moment in this sense. Surely it was the only time that hesitate if it would be worth it or not continue, you have a bad time in this situation. And it also affects you a little on a personal level, it is hard to set aside work and family life and I saw that it was affecting me. That was an occasion where I felt far from being able to fulfill. But I like to fight and I like to go for everything. I resisted.

ErosPaulo1: How did you control the pressure, the state of nervousness to see that you were winning and that you could see yourself as a winner in the Bahamas?

Ramón: Well, I already mentioned it in a previous question. It's true that I trained a lot on a psychological level the issue of pressure, concentration ... I demand a lot from myself and could not allow pressure, cameras, the jump of money ... influenced my way of playing, because if I did it, my game was going to resent a lot.

To reach the final table of the PSPC in the Bahamas ... I knew that it was a unique moment, that it is very difficult to never happen again ... I thought "this is my moment and I have to do itperfect". I have trained all these years, I have had a bad time, I have had a good time, hours and hours working, without partying or anything, everything brings me to that moment and I could not afford any mistakes. I needed a very strong emotional control ... and that's why sometimes when I see the image I am more proud of the fact that I look so concentrated, not the fact itself of winning.

Picken1993: Have you ever thought that you could become part of such a select group? How did you live that invitation? (be a member of the PokerStars team)

Ramón: Since you're a child, you always dream. It's like when you see the soccer team that you like, for example El Barsa (he refers to the soccer Spanish team), right? and you always say you imagine playing with Messi oh ...! imagine playing with Piqué ... imagine being there ...

I remember in my beginnings, we all looked at those who had managed to be pros. I remember Vicente Delgado - "Codelsa", I saw Daniel Negreanu as a maximum and clear reference, you sound ... But the truth is that you put your feet a little on the floor and you know that it is very difficult to access such a specific group of people because in the background there are not so many people that are sponsored.

Maybe I could have considered it when I won the PSPC, being a Platinum Pass winner ... I see that it is the perfect scenario, but at that moment you do not realize, you do not think, you only think about what happened, how it has gone and such, and above when you are already in a cloud of emotions, they tell you about PokerStars and if you want to be part of the team, it's like saying: really? This is already a bigger dream than I thought ...

But here I am! With desire to do the best possible, to represent the brand at the level it deserves, and nothing, expect to do things right and keep enjoying this for more time better.

Gla86: In your beginnings as a player or at any other time, did you draw on to the articles of the poker school to reinforce your game?

Ramón: Yes. I have already mentioned it many times. I have studied a lot, I am a player that I believe in the studio I believe in the small details and I see it super necessary to be up to date because the metagame is changing, evolving ... you have to know that they are doing the best, that people have been left behind, like I can take advantage of those mistakes ... and I think that the evolution that you have to have in this game to be a winner is constant.

EL_PIBE101: If you had to put a percentage to the time devoted to the study and practice of poker, what would these values be?

Ramón: Good question. Well the truth is that it is very difficult to calculate the time spent studying because sometimes you are watching a tournament on TV and enjoying the game but at the same time it serves as a studio, or you are watching a streaming of someone you like as a broadcast or because you are in an important tournament and you are studying ... and other times you sit down to do numbers, to read, to study properly .... It is complicated to establish a scale, I would say that 60% practice and 40% study

eR_XULO13: What were the keys to your victory in the PSPC?

Ramón: Well, the keys are complicated to say. I believe there are many important factors. The tournament started very bad for me. I think that at level 4 or 5 I had half the initial stack ... it did not start well but little by little it was changing. I think that if I had to say an important point it was at the beginning of day 2 where I had a pretty complicated table with a lot of regulars. Unlike Day 1, in which I did not know anyone. But on day 2 I had pretty well known people, several online regulars who knew their nickname. That he played high stakes. And start day 2 a little above the average and at level 3 have three or four averages, I think it was maybe not the key, but the trigger because from here you start to see that people on day 2 he goes "grabbing" a little more, that costs him more to release chips, that the prizes are coming ... I had good cards at the moment and that helps. there are many moments ... the day 2, the beginning of the bubble, when we were fourteen and won a very important all in, the final table, when we were three players, there are many ... In general it would cost me a lot to say a key to victory but if I had to say something, trusting in myself was the key to everything.

J_MirFer: What support did you receive from your family in those beginnings from recreational to semi-professional and later in the jump to professional? Did they understand it at first? Did not they understand it and imply that they did not agree or it seemed like a passing whim? and most importantly ... perhaps, did your partner support you unconditionally in the first decision and let himself be carried away or, on the contrary, only began to believe it with the first positive results?

Ramón: There are many questions ... As usual, parents always want to defend ourselves a lot and ensure the best life for their children ... and my parents are not poker players, they can not play, they do not understand this game, and this scared them a bit at first. And at the beginning they did not support me much in that sense. I'm talking about when I was 18 years old or 19 years old and I was doing the carreer and they did not really enjoy to see me playing. But they knew that I was in as recreational way. What happened? That in the end, then, I'm changing the race with this and they already know something more about the game, and they see me in live championships and such and they ask me more, and until one day I talk to them "Look dad, I have this, I'm a personal trainer, I like it a lot, but I'm also playing poker and I think if I want to take advantage of what I have to do now "and well ... they helped me a lot ... they paid me the whole race they helped me to set up my own gym and I understand it from the outside, that for them two it looks very hard to suddenly tell them that I do not want to continue with that, that I want to go the other way.

They never told me no, they let me be what I wanted. They supported me, they told me to go ahead, but that I had a head and that I would go back to the gym if I did not do well. And well today you can not say they are number 1 but I think that there will be top 3 of my fans, to follow me everywhere, try to see me on TV always ... Now I really support 100 %, and a couple of years ago they see that things are going well for me.

And my partner, well here we have to distinguish a couple of things, when I made the decision to dedicate myself to this, I was exclusively with my former partner, and she had always supported me in that sense. He always told me to fight for what I wanted, for that reason, right? When I met my current partner I was already a poker player, she saw me as a player from the beginning. We have been together for 4 years, I was already dedicated to this. And from the first moment she found it fascinating, she loves to travel and see that it is an opportunity to get to know the world with me. We complement each other very well and to this day I think that she reads more like me than this whole world.

reminieblas: What advice would you give to a person who has been playing poker for a while but in a recreational way who wants to take a step towards professionalism?

Ramón: As I have already told many times, I think that the step from recreational to professional player is related exclusively to study, study and more study. Here if you want to improve if you want to compete against the best you have to know about the game, learn, know what they are doing, because every time the Poker goes on and the people are very prepared. That is the main advice that would give: that they study, that they get absorbed in Poker but above all that they enjoy it, that they live it, that they feel it as a hobby that can become something else. If you have your hobby and you put in many hours and want to improve after all, this always takes you somewhere.

Ramón adds the following:
The question that I liked the most is this: "Ramón, how did you do to prove to yourself that this dream could be fulfilled, how did you manage to hope and believe in you, when this sport is constantly branded as greed?"

The last part maybe I don't like, it could be said in another way, but I like that the question focuses on "how he did it", that "how was my dream". It is the question that I like most of all. A hug !!!

From our side, just tell you one more time thanks to Ramón, who has taken the job to share all this with us. And to all the others, what to say ... the dreams are there to be fulfilled, it's about Daring to Dream !!!

What are your own Poker dreams ?
Share with us in the comments below ...

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