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Daniel Negreanu Coaches Arlie
If you have been following the Arlie Challenge on PokerStars Twitch then you will know that third labor was one beneficial to both Arlie and the poker community alike.  Arlie had a training session with the legend Daniel "kidpoker" Negreanu. There were many pearls of wisdom shared, and we have captured a number of them here for you now.

The video starts with Arlie holding Pocket Tens on a flop. Arlie chose to continuation bet the flop as he was the preflop raiser. Daniel explains why this is actually a perfect hand to check behind on the flop.

The next spot is a discussion about 5-betting preflop with KK in tournaments. Next Daniel takes a look at a spot where Arlie opens the pot with QTs, and gets called in multiple spots.

After more hands are examained the group is joined by Jason Somerville and they have an in-depth discussion about Arlie's hand with Pocket Tens.

Watch these hands and more in the video.
Do you agree with the advice Daniel is sharing in this video? Discuss by leaving a comment below.

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