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Here we are in April already so that means it's time for another fresh Community News roundup. If you were lucky enough to have an Easter break with those closest to you, we hope it went really well. And whether or not you managed to uncover any of those elusive hidden Easter eggs, you're guaranteed to encounter some glinting, golden poker nuggets this coming month in PSO!


Daylight savings in Europe caught up with the PSO servers on the 31st of March, so we are back in sync between ET and GMT.   The time changes on the 7th April in Australia & New Zealand, after which we will all be back in sync with the normal Live Training schedule again!  Here's what's on tap in Live Training for April:

PS Team Online Pro Tyler "frosty012" Frost will be with us on Sunday the 7th and 14th of April at 14ET with some live play action at 100NL Full Ring… Live training from a PS Red Spade - don't miss it!

Andy is enjoying a vacation the first week of April and his training topic schedule will be set when he returns.

Chris will be continuing his coaching in the 180-man tournaments with another 180-man mission and a hand history review of a game he played recently where the new payout structure of these games is taken into consideration Chris uses it to his advantage!  He will also be doing a class discussing earning respect at the table on the 2nd at 16ET… be sure to tune in for this important but often overlooked topic!


Gareth will be running more 6-max cash game sessions in April including a session focusing on how his opponents should be ranging him in game and how to use that information to your advantage, and a unique topic on the 8th at 15ET on Asking the Right Questions, which focuses on how YOU can maximize your value and learning process from Live Training!

Andre is off in April, we'll look forward to his return to the Live Training schedule in May.

Regular Live Training Sessions with Dave on Thursdays at 20ET and Saturdays continue in April, running at 14ET on the 6th and 27th, and 17ET on the 13th. He will also be offering  a Sunday coaching at 14ET directly before the  Sunday Special on the 28th to be providing a total of 4 classes at Euro-friendly hours.  Saturday coaching continues to be well received, so we'll continue to bring it!  Topics in April will include a Stat Sleuth session, Hand analysis potpourri, Big Pairs and Bad boards #2, a theory class on playing draws vs various villain types, and various reviews including a very LAG cash game session review in the Diary of a M@ni@c!

Flix will be doing 2 more Leakfinder sessions, in which he helps PSO members find and plug leaks in their game in this popular and beneficial review format

For more information visit the Live Training section today!   

Remember, there is no cost to attend these trainings, they are all free, brought to you by PSO and PokerStars…  and anyone can attend all live trainings, even the VPP restricted ones will allow all PSO members into the room as a viewer… the VPP restriction only impacts the ability to type in the chat box but all members can see and hear everything regardless of their VPP level.


PSO is a fee-free poker academy based on freeplay games, so it is an ideal way to hone your poker craft without any risk. But did you know you can still enjoy the thrill of building a real money bankroll? Just take a look at our fantastic range of current promotions to see how you can challenge yourself, put more meaning into your play AND give yourself opportunities to cash in! For newcomers, we suggest the Bankroll Builder as an ideal first step. So pick a promo or two and grab that cash!


With so many members sharing common aspirations there's always been a great community spirit here at PSO, and so if you're not already plugged into it then the Forum is the best place to start, especially the New Members and Community Meet-Up sections. Make friends, get advice, have a rant, anything goes in the Forum (within reason of course, or the Moderators will pounce!) And if you enjoy posting why not take your unique contributions to the next level in our fascinating Blogs section?

That should be enough to keep you busy! We hope you enjoy your coming month in the exciting, rewarding world of PSO and best of luck at the tables!

Team PokerStars School


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