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We here at PokerStars School would like to introduce to you our newest live trainer and Twitch streamer Brian “BFizz11” Fite. Poker player, dog lover, believer, and achiever, are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe this remarkable young man but we like to sum him up as an all-round good guy. Brian's already been coaching players in the game for over a decade now, and he's also got some remarkable results and achievements under his belt. In this article we ask Brian about some of his career highlights to date ahead of his next Twitch Stream at the school.

Career highlights as a player ...
There's lots of them I guess, but I'd have to say that the very best moment of my career to date was actually the very moment it started for me as a professional. I moved into a house with other pros, a training mansion as such, in 2008. That was the moment I knew my life was going to change forever. I had no idea that I would be as successful as I am, but I did know that I was going to win a lot of money playing online poker.

The second best moment of my career would have to be the $100,000 score I had in the Sunday Warm Up on PokerStars. I was still a very fresh young pro and had less than $50,000 career profits when this happened. I was living in a house with three of my students and I didn't even play MTT's at the time. I just randomly decided to play and got second for $100,000 and all my friends were watching live and we had a huge party at my house afterwards. It was life-changing and amazing.

Third is the time I landed on the ESPN feature table of the 2010 WSOP Main Event. I crushed a very tough table for hours and they showed me for ten seconds on TV - raising jack-deuce off-suit from UTG+1 while we were hand-for-hand on the money bubble (haha!). But again, that feeling of 'WOW, I am living in one of those moments I will never forget' was very much alive in me when I sat down at that table under those lights just like I saw on TV many years before I got there myself.

Fourth is the August $10k Challenge accomplishment from earlier this year. No one thought it was possible, but I did the unthinkable and earned $10,000 playing SNG's with an average buy in of $6 in just 27 days.'

Career highlights as a coach… ...
My first protégé was Kyle, 'I GRIND THIS' on Stars. He moved in with me as a broke kid who knew very little about online poker. Less than a year later he was an absolute crusher and has gone on to win several hundred thousand dollars at 180-player SNG's.

My current roommate and partner in Turbo Kings, Lenballs1014, is one of the original Bfizz BootCamp members who stayed a week at my house with me in 2009 to learn how to play 180s better.

I have dozens, maybe even 100+ testimonials from students telling me their experience with me changed the game and life. I just posted on Facebook a screen shot of a person I don’t even know telling me that the video I put up was the best poker video he’s ever seen in his life.

And now it's your chance to learn from this accomplished player. Brian's next Twitch Stream for PokerStars School is happening today at 9pm EST and you'll be able to drop in and ask Brian questions in the chat room as he plays live you you. Don't miss out, add it to your diary for today and watch it here!

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