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Basic Poker Lessons

Texas Hold'em poker is one of the most exciting games in the world. It is played at all levels in numerous countries, and games are contested for anything from play money chips to vast fortunes of real cash.

It is also incredibly easy to get involved in poker. The rules are simple to learn and the game is exceptionally accessible. PokerStars offers games at all levels of expertise, 24 hours a day. 

The basic poker lessons at PokerStars School cover everything you need to know before sitting down to play Texas Hold'em. We start with a run through of the rules, followed by a short tutorial video. Then we look at the objective of the game, the dealing of the cards, how to form a poker hand and the betting structure. As the lesson progress, you can watch the accompanying tutorial videos and complete the short exercises that follow. This will ensure you understand all the key points.

We will steadily on to basic strategy advice and how to play certain hands in certain situations. You will also learn how to cope with the emotional swings of poker, and to make the most of your poker experience within a strict bankroll. 

Once you have learned the basics, you will be invited to take a quiz. If you pass you are ready to start playing against real opponents in our Skill Based League.

Basic Poker Lessons

The Exciting World of Poker Poker is a fun and exciting game. Find out what makes poker so popular and why PokerStars is the best place to play poker online.

Texas Hold'em Rules A complete explanation of the mechanics of Texas Hold'em. Blinds, hole cards, flops, turns and rivers: whatever the situation you will understand your options.

Poker Mechanics Tutorial Everything you need to know about the rules of Texas Hold'em in a short video. After the video complete the short exercise to make sure you understood the main points.

Poker Hand Rankings The player with the highest hand wins at showdown - make sure you understand how the different poker hands are ranked before sitting down at the table.

Poker Hand Ranking Tutorial This video lesson explains which player has the winning hand at showdown, including how to determine who has the best kicker.

Showdown Rules Tutorial Learn the rules for showing your cards and contesting for the pot after all the cards have been dealt.

Practicing with Play Money Once you're comfortable with the basics, it's a good idea to practice at PokerStars' play money tables. Let this article be your guide to playing poker for free.

Basic Quiz After reading the previous articles carefully, you should have no trouble answering the quiz questions.


After passing the Basic Course you'll be ready to move on to the Core Course and learn key strategic concepts. Both the Core and Basic courses must be completed and the Quizzes passed before you can compete in our monthly Skill League

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