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BFizz11 Pro Guide: Focus on your Strengths
My first article topic was tough to choose. I have so many things I want to write about and so many important concepts and ideas that I want to share with the community. So I spent the last several days kicking ideas back and forth in my head before deciding that focusing on your strengths was the best advice I could give you right away. Let me explain why.

Weaknesses, or even just areas where we are not very strong and confident,  can be really, really bad for our mental health and self-esteem if we concentrate most of our time and efforts around them. For example, if you don't enjoy playing golf because you are not good at it, you get frustrated each time you play because your weaknesses and leaks are exposed and that feeling sucks, but you never do anything to get better. That's how most people are with poker.

Stay positive
Everyone bounces around from game to game and format to format, expecting something to change as they continue dabbling in areas that are not their personal 'strength'. Inevitably,  frustration and confusion as to why winning results aren't being produced gets bigger and bigger. Before  you know it, you're not loving the game like you once did.

Don't fall into this trap! Some players just simply should not play games that take several hours to finish because their patience level is too low. Other players need to avoid playing for money that might affect the way they play, and some players might even need to stick to one very unique format (like mixed games, heads-up play etc) until you learn another one that you can profitably play. It doesn't matter what your strengths and weaknesses are; the idea is to find them and go all-in on the strengths and basically forget about your weaknesses.

Nobody is perfect
You might be asking - but if I forget about them, how will I ever improve in those areas? Good question. And my answer isn't as complex as you might be hoping. But the concept is simple. There are just simply too many areas we are weak at to worry about being competent in all of them. We just simply don't have the time to master so many different things. Which is why people have specific jobs - they train and study and get certified and qualified to do a certain job well, and then they do that particular job for many, many years. Effectively, the traditional work life is based around the concept of focusing on your strengths. But people from every walk of life who are used to that concept enter poker thinking they can bounce around from game to game and still expect good results.

It doesn't make a whole lot of logical sense and I am here to tell you to stop! Do a little research. See where you win the most, and where you lose the most. Make some adjustments and 'hack the system' so that you don't continue to make bad bets that will cost you all of your profits that you earn from the good bets you make. I am speaking from experience here when I tell you that the less you care about the money you are winning or losing, the better off you are going to be. To me, sticking to my strengths means playing a game that is a comfortable buy-in, a game that will not make me stressed or tilted if I lose, a game that I feel I am one of the top players at, a game that I am confident enough at to give coaching. I focus on my niche, the game I study the most for and have won the most at.

I am a very confident player when I am at the tables and I can never be tilted - why? Because I stick to my strengths.

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