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An Amazing Platinum Pass Adventure for Chris Martin
If you've been regularly watching Fintan & Spraggy's streams on the PokerStars Twitch Channel (and if you haven't why not?) then you'll be very familiar with the name Chris Martin. Based in the United Kingdom, and known as 'chrism189' on PokerStars, Chris is a very popular member of the PokerStars Twitch community. Like many players, Chris enjoys hanging out in the chat and watching Fintan & Spraggy play poker in their weekly tournaments. Maybe he would pick up some useful tips and strategy advice along the way, that would be a bonus. But little did Chris know that watching these streams and being part of this great community would one day be a life-changing decision.

For those of you that might not already know Chris was recently crowned the deserving winner of Fintan & Spraggy's Platinum Pass Adventure, winning a $25,000 trip to the Bahamas to play in the PSPC alongside some of his poker idols. You can find out more of just how exactly Chris won this amazing prize over at PokerStarsBlog and you'll see below his reaction on Twitter.

As part of the prize, Chris was promised some poker coaching in the run-up to the PSPC. You can watch the first of these sessions in the video below as Fintan reviews some of the hands Chris played in the giveaway final. There are some really interesting poker spots discussed and we can all learn a thing or two from the advice Fintan bestows on Chris.

In addition to his main prize PokerStars will also give Chris some WCOOP tickets to practice and hone his skills in the run-up to the PSPC and watch to the end of the video to see Chris's reaction to when Fintan tells him that he'll also be travelling to Reno to play alongside Fintan and Spaggy in the Run It Up championship tournament between October 25-29th.

"No way! That's mental" declares Chris with excitement, "I think I'll make room for that in my schedule" he jokes in the video when learning that he'll also be traveling to Reno to play in the Run It Up championship tournament.

Chris goes on to mention that he has learned a lot about poker from watching players on Twitch and it's a great free way to gain some beautiful insights into the game. Before Twitch he mostly learned by playing local live games and as a result, he would feel more confident playing live than online, which is probably a good thing considering that he's about to play the biggest live game of his life this January. Don't forget to follow the PokerStars School Twitch Channel and receive notifications when we go live with a new stream.

We all dream of winning a Platinum Pass just like Chris did and the good news is that the dream is still alive as you too could find yourself on a plane to the Bahamas. Find out how you could win a Platinum Pass Package with PokerStars School.
Have you got any live tournament tips for Chris ahead of his tournaments? Post them in the comment section below.

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