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Back in September of this year arguably the biggest name in Poker, Daniel Negreanu, announced that he would be giving away a Platinum Pass the to PSPC in January to one lucky player. All entrants had to do was tell Daniel about a charity or notable cause that they would support, and agree to donate half their winning at the PSPC to that charity if they were lucky enough to win any. Hundreds of players entered the competition via the #DonateWithDaniel hashtag on Twitter and before he announced the winner Daniel narrowed it down to five finalists. Watch the video below to see clips from the five finalists and the announcement from Daniel of who eventually won.

We caught up with the winner, Jord Matthews of Ireland, for a quick interview about his win and what it means to him.

PokerStars School (PSS): Tell us a little bit about you. Where are you from in Ireland, how old are you, what do you do for a living?
Jord: I'm from a small town called Lurgan, I decided to move across the water to Liverpool for work a couple of years ago to peruse a career within sales and recruitment which is what I am currently doing. I love my job and enjoy the constant interaction with people and psychological side to sales.

PSS: Outside of poker, what do you do for fun in your free time?
Jord: Over the past year I've turned into a gym freak, I went from eating pizzas most night to going to the gym and eating my five a day. Apart from that, I'm a pretty normal guy who enjoys going out with my friends, socialising having a drink (it's classified as a hobby in Ireland so it's fine) and that's pretty much it.

The moment Jord found out he'd won on Twitter

PSS: You are going to play the most talked about poker tournament of the year. Describe your current feelings about this opportunity.
Jord: Currently at this moment in time I'm still in shock, when I think about all the PCA competitions I have watched it gives me shivers to think I have the chance to participate in it, also it makes me feel slightly nervous as I'm going into the unknown, it's all good though, I am just going to take it in my stride and keep learning until I get there.

PSS: How do you plan to prepare for the Players Championship?
Jord: I have already started listening to audiobooks that a few people have recommended, along with hopefully being able to get access to Daniels online course which is going to benefit me so much. A minimum of four hours a day prep is what I am aiming for.

PSS: Do you play poker online?
Jord: I do, I have played on PokerStars but at the moment they have put my account on hold until I get a passport in date, I have sent them my current one which is a couple of months out of date but I have to wait another 6 weeks for my new one (if you could let them know I want to get back on that would be amazing) haha!

PSS: Have you ever played in a live poker event before? If so, what event?
Jord: Not as big as any of these tournaments, I have played live poker in pubs and the casinos etc so I am familiar with the human interaction side.

PSS: How did you get into poker?
Jord: It was literally about a year and a half ago only, I realised I haven't got many hobbies that are beneficial to my wallet, so I decided to start watching a couple of videos of people playing, started watching some of Daniels info then I moved onto playing in the pubs. I realised I enjoy the mentality side to it nearly as much as winning the money which is a bonus!

PSS: You have selected Calm Zone and Mind as the charities that you will be playing for in the PSPC. Do you mind sharing with us why these particular charities are close to your heart?
Jord: Yes a couple of months ago my grandad took ill, baring in mind my grandad was one of the most positive people I have met, loved football, loved reading the paper and loved being around people, he would always be there to have a laugh with me and my brothers. The moment I realised he wasn't the same man was when I was talking to him and he just openly said: "he's not interested in anything in life, there is nothing for me". From being one of the strongest men and so positive to hearing these Words was the saddest yet most motivating thing I have heard. To some people, it may seem like a small thing but to me, that was the point in my life where I knew men of any age struggle and go through hardships. I've also had my cousin who went through a depressing stage in his life where things weren't going his way. Furthermore myself, I lost myself and my direction within life, I was running my own business had a nice place to live had a girlfriend. All of them things came crashing down at once. Even though I had so much more going for me I needed someone to help me see it. They are a few reasons why I chose these charities, I feel like they heavily interlink. I feel like there isn't enough emphasis put on these two subjects within the UK and so much more could be done to convey to men and also women that there is no problem bigger than the person you are. Everything can be fixed.

PSS: Who will be joining you in The Bahamas?
Jord: Good question, I haven't even thought about that. When I think about it now if I brought my girlfriend she would be on the beach all day sunbathing, I'd like someone to be there for moral support so it could potentially be her or one of my close friends.

PSS: Who did you tell first about your win?
Jord: My girlfriend.

PSS: How did they react?
She didn't believe me, I phoned her and she just thought I was having a joke so I had to send the video to her and got her to watch it herself, after that she was going crazy!
Wish Jord well by leaving a comment for him below!

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