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All Set for the Sunday Million Anniversary
In this Winners Wall interview, we catch up with long-time member and friend of PokerStars School Marvin 'marvinsytan' Tan to find out how he got into poker, what he loves most about the game, and how he won a seat to the upcoming Sunday Million Anniversary tournament. Marvin, from Manila in the Philippines is a regular contributor to our poker forum and has made many friends there.

PokerStars School: How did you first get into poker?
I first started playing the free Zynga poker game around 2010. I enjoyed playing poker so much that I searched "How to play poker" and then read all the articles and material that came up. While reading some articles I came across PokerStars and 9 years later I'm still playing there!

PokerStars School: How many hours a week would you play poker? And how much time do you spend reviewing hands and studying the game?
Right now I just play recreationally normally less than an hour a day but because I'm preparing to play the Sunday Million Anniversary tournament I'm playing 1-2 hours per day. It's 50% playing poker and 50% reviewing and studying about the game.

PokerStars School: Why do you think poker is so popular?
Poker is so popular because it the best card game ever created. It's is so exciting and at the same time so frustrating. You can win big money in PokerStars if you will dedicate your time to study the game hard. In $5 Spin and Go's you can have a chance to win a cool $1 Million Dollars for as little as $5. Then, there are so many other games to choose from, whatever suits you.

PokerStars School: What's your best tournament result so far, what's your biggest win?
It was a $27 NL Turbo Progressive Super Knockout when I came 3rd out of 4120 players for $5,700. This was a time when I really had to wake up in the middle of the night just to play poker and then go straight to work after. I really studied a lot during that time and it paid off. I watched a lot of poker strategy videos, attended live training sessions, read and participated in the hand analysis forum threads. It's all here at PokerStars School it's free. It is also at Pokerstars School where I earned my initial bankroll by winning one of the promotions here. I won tournament tickets that I converted into $700 in winnings awesome, right! PokerStars School is the best poker school ever.

PokerStars School: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker? Sort of like a checklist while you play?
When playing  $5 Spin and Go's my strategy is as much as possible not to gamble until I get to the heads-up stage to give me a better chance of winning. I like to be patient let my opponents battle it out first. I just try to play small ball strategy like PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu. I like to chip-up without a showdown.

PokerStars School: You won a $5 Spin satellite into the Sunday Million, tell us about that.
Before the Sunday Million satellite win I lost 5 consecutive heads up battles. I was a bit frustrated so decided to just review all the 5 Spin games that I lost to see what was happening. Am I losing because I'm making bad decisions or I'm just losing because of variance? Playing Spin and Go's can be a cruel game you can lose a lot of games consecutively. Then came the $5 Spin and Go with a prize of Sunday $10 Million Anniversary ticket. I was so excited and ready for it. This time variance was on my side I got it in with 88 vs QQ. I needed to hit an 8 and I got it on the river. I was ecstatic. Then it was smooth sailing. It was a quick one I won the game during the first level so less pressure. I was so happy.

PokerStars School: What steps will you take to prepare for this game?
For the Sunday 10 Million Anniversary game. I'm really focusing on studying to play more post-flop because of its deep structure. Recently, I played the 2.2 Bubble Rush and finished 3rd. I made a mistake of calling the donk-bet all in on the river after calling my flop bet and huge turn bet. I still would have had around 13bb's left if I managed to fold my 2 pair but I was so in love with my hand that I snap called and forgot to even think what hand is he donk betting all-in with. I'm fine with it. I got the lesson learned on that spot which is a more important thing.

PokerStars School: Has PokerStars School helped you in any way to improve your game?
PokerStars School helped me in my journey to become a better player. It's is the only school that I go to improve my game. I owe everything that I learned about poker to PokerStars School. PokerStars School is all you need if you want to become a better poker player.

PokerStars School: What advice would you give to new players thinking of taking up the game of poker?
If you want to win to become a better player. My advice is to take the game seriously and study the game. Make a blog about your game. Put in your blog what kind of games to do you want to play and stick with the game plan. Always review your hands and tournaments, what happened in that game? Where did you lose your chips or the other way around? Always go into the battle ready. Don't play poker just to play poker. It's is better to play poker with your game plan ready. Enjoy the game and have fun.
Wish Marvin the best of luck in the Sunday Million Anniversary Tournament by leaving him a comment below.

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