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All About the PokerStars Discord Community
By now you may be aware of the PokerStars Discord server. Have you joined yet? If yes, great! If no, why not do so right now? Click this link to get started and join this fast growing community:

The PokerStars Discord server is populated with many different channels, denoted by the # symbol, each dedicated to their own topic. Over the last couple months we've done a "what's happening on discord this month" style article highlighting some of the amazing hand discussions that have taken place on the #Pokerstars_school channel, including comments from the legendary poker author Lee Jones, and PokerStars Team Online Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew, both of whom are active members in the channel. Today we will take a break from that format to outline some of the other main channels you will find, and their purpose.  

#Welcome: The first channel at the top, and the first one to read after you join the server. The info you need to know to get started in the PokerStars Discord Community is right here!

PokerStars Team Pros like Randy 'nanonoko' Lew join in the strategy chat on Discord.

#news_and_announcements: Another channel used by PokerStars staff to communicate to the members. Want to be one of the first in the know when something new and exciting is coming? Look no further than right here.

#general: There has to be a place for all the general chatter that doesn't fit anywhere else, right? This is that place. Drop on in and say hello! There's always a conversation rolling in the #general channel!

#powerup: This channel is dedicated to talking about the new PokerStars game, Power Up!

#ama_answers: Occasionally PokerStars hosts a Q&A session for members, particularly when there are large scale changes coming. Responses to these questions can be found here.

#ama_questions (hidden): This channel is opened up for the Q&A sessions mentioned above. In the interim, questions can always be posted in the #general channel

#freerolls: Who doesn't love a good freeroll, right? Info about special upcoming freerolls can be found here.

#PokerStars_School: Got a hand you'd like to discuss? Have a strategy or concept question? This is the place!

#rail_party: What's better than running deep in a tournament? Running deep while your friends cheer you on from the rail! Check here to see who's crushing it, or to let others know that right now it's your turn!

#PSPC: As you might expect, this channel is all about the PokerStars Players Championship

#WCOOP: Like the above, this channel is dedicated to the annual mega series!

#padded_tilt_room: The description of this room on Discord says it all: "Please do not be aggressive or offensive towards any individual or group of individuals, anything else goes (within reason)." Want to scream about a bad beat? Want to go on a rigged rant? Want to vent with clever alternative names for PokerStars? Release your pain and suffering here, where (almost) anything goes.

#other_sites: Have a comment, question, thought, or just something to share that relates to sites other than PokerStars? Those can be shared right in this room!

As you can see, there are a wide array of channels to cover pretty much any topic you might want to discuss... with the #general channel being the fall back for everything else that doesn't fit specifically into a dedicated space of its own. All are welcome, so if you haven't yet joined the PokerStars Discord, scroll back up to the top of this article, click the link and get registered now!  
What do you enjoy most about the PokerStars Discord Community? Comment below!


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