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Achieving Your Poker Goals
Just because you haven't won a poker tournament, or that you haven't reached your first final table, doesn't mean that your not a solid player and not good enough to compete against the best. Of course, with every achievement earned and milestone reached a players' confidence at the poker table grows and grows. What truly separates the good and the mediocre players is their ability to set themselves targets and goals to reach and then doing it. Ask yourself this question, have you set yourself a goal in poker?

One such player that has set himself goals is 'ImThereNow' and he's already reaping the benefits after having won some nice amounts of cash in the WCOOP series so far. Originally from the Caribbean but now living in the United Kingdom he is competitive and enjoys games. The 35-year-old is not just a poker player, but also a chess master, and lists playing online games such as DOTA2 as one of their favourite hobbies.

The next poker achievement that 'ImThereNow' wants to achieve is to reach a WCOOP final table. His best results so far were a 165/4389 finish in the Warm-up WCOOP-03 for $508.32 and a 421/6794 finish in the WCOOP-04 Sunday Million for $736.60. At the time of writing this article players from Great Britain have cashed a total of 203 times for a total of $28,712.41. Those stats geeks amongst you might like to check out how the rest of our members are doing in this years WCOOP series.

With every deep run and solid cash that 'ImThereNow' makes his confidence grows, and he's putting in the effort to learn more about the game too. Having only discovered the poker school here recently he's investing time to study the poker strategy articles and videos here. When asked what would be his number one piece of advice to give to new players he says it would be to look after their poker bankroll and manage it wisely.

We think this is solid advice indeed and we're sure that if 'ImThereNow' continues to learn and improve as he's doing so far then it won't be long until he eventually finds himself there, at the final table looking for the win!

'ImThereNow' was credited with T$20 as a 'thank you' for sharing his poker story with us

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