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A Wild Ride at the Poker Tables
We love a good winning story at PokerStars School so naturally, we were delighted when we saw that school member Glen 'ryggermortis' Clifton recently won an $11 Mini Saturday KO for $1,634.68. We grabbed him for a quick interview to find out more about him and what this win means to him.

PokerStars School: Tell us a little about yourself, what's your background, where do you come from?
Sure, my name is Glen and I grew up on fishing boats on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Life's a roller-coaster, I got married, then divorced. A was a construction worker and crane operator for years until life took another turn when I became ill and forced out of work due to long-term illness.

PokerStars School: How did you get into poker?
My first introduction to the game was through friends that told me about Full Tilt Poker which was huge then. In the beginning, I use to play a lot of Pot Limit Omaha, mainly at the 5/10c tables.

PokerStars School: Who is your poker hero, the player you admire the most and why?
Well, that's an easy one, it would have to be PokerStars Pro Daniel 'kidpoker' Negreanu. Why, well if being the No. 1 player in the World is not enough, then being a fellow Canadian seals the deal.

PokerStars School: You won $1,634.68 in an $11 Mini Saturday KO, tell us about this tournament?
The tournament was tough going, a real minefield. I just played steady, nothing special until we just got in the money, then things took off. I started to rake in pot after pot, the tournament really came alive for me. There were one or two times where I thought I was a goner but won flips and eventually took it down for the win. It was a wild ride and a memorable moment for me.

PokerStars School: Did you buy-in directly, or gain entry via a satellite?
Hehehe, this is what makes it even sweeter. I didn't buy-in directly, instead, I won my seat via a $1 deadline tournament.

PokerStars School: What are the best tournament results of your poker career to date?
This is certianly one of my biggest wins in a while, but a few years back I did also win a $3.30 Bounty Builder and also a Big $3.30 tournament in the same year.

PokerStars School: What is your favorite format? Is it mainly tournaments, or sit & go's, cash games, spin & go's?
Mostly tournaments for a long time now, I really enjoy the buzz from them. For years I played a lot of Bounty Builders but now I'm in the groove of the 'Big' tournaments on PokerStars.

PokerStars School: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker? Sort of like a checklist while you play?
Not so much, I just consider myself to be a patient player, and wait for the cards to come.

PokerStars School: What tips or advice would you recommend to other players just starting off?
I would say to players not to get distracted while playing. If you do need to type a message to a friend during a tournament work out a shorthand text system or something, just don't miss out on the action at the tables, lol. Mostly just be persistent and have patience. I would also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone out there good luck at the tables!
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