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A Total Eclipse of the Cards – Poker Results – PokerStars
Star-gazers had their eyes firmly focused on the skies over the weekend especially towards the celestial body we know as our 'Moon'. On the 27th of September a 'Blood Moon' event took place which is a rare enough event, the last one occurring in 1982 and the next one not due to take place until 2033. It was a beautiful spectacle for those lucky enough to witness it as it happened.

For PokerStars gazers however most of them spent the weekend playing the weekly major tournaments and had their eyes firmly fixed on the prize. And it wasn't just the major tournaments that took place, there was the WCOOP main events and also the climax of the Dream Team All-in Shootout where one lucky PokerStars player would win $1,000,000 … that's right an out of this world Milly!

Winning a huge poker tournament can be an occurrence as rare as a Blood Moon but sometimes the Stars align in our favour and it does happen, just ask PokerStars player 'solik1968' (see video below). It was also an astronomical weekend for PokerStars School member 'JSlash' who won the Saturday Super-Knockout and added a cool $38,967.61 to their bankroll. Another member of our school who proved that their also a rising star in the World of Poker is 'Yarpiz' when they took home $15,713.17 in the same event with a 4th place finish.

Meanwhile, 'TedSTRETCH' from Columbia won $12,000.50 in the WCOOP 2nd Chance 65 which was a progressive super knockout event, Australian player 'donkmincer92' won $9,288.00 in the $109 Sunday Kickoff and 'bowdenato811' from the United Kingdom was runner-up in the $27 Saturday Eliminator for $5,912.35 in winnings.

Not to be eclipsed, here's some other notable results by PokerSchoolOnline members over the weekend:

•    slender2037 from Australia won $2,993.66 in the $1+R Sunday Spark $20K Gtd
•    moehammer1 from Canada won $2,590.65 in the $33 Saturday Speedway $40K Gtd.
•    NuttyNat2000 also from the United Kindom won $2,156.86 in the $27 Saturday Eliminator progressive super knockout tournament.
•    Bertmobile from the United Kingdom won $2,052.45 in the $82 Weekly NL Omaha H/L $10K Gtd
•    PROTENTIALmn from Canada won $1767.00 in the $82 Weekly PLO H/L event.
•    1MTM91 from the United Kingdom won $1,767.16 in the $82 Sunday NL Omaha H/L $20K Gtd                
•    acumen plus from Canada won $1,601.79 in the $55 Women's Sunday NLHE, $5K Gtd
•    mitarachi89 from India won $1,339 in the $215 Weekly PLO Omaha $8K GTD.
•    namazu66 from Japan won $1,174.68 in the $82 Weekly NL Omaha H/L, $10K Gtd
•    sprocketsAA from Mexico won $1,110.00 in the $82 Weekly HORSE, $5K Gtd
•    shun1119 from Japan won $969.24 in the Saturday 6-Max $20K GTD.
•    xxNoellexx from the United Kingdom won $858.63 in the $82 Weekly Stud H/L $2K Gtd.
•    gloria1986 from Thailand won $795.00 in the $82 Weekly 8-Game $3K Gtd. This player also won $1,137.76 in the $82 Weekly Razz $3K Gtd
•    Kashmir_uzi from the United Kingdom won $700.00 in the $82 Weekly NL Single Draw 2-7
•    andyhealy69 from Australia won $546 in the Saturday PLO 6-Max $8K GTD.
•    mistere3 from Canada won $500.00 in the $82 Weekly Stud $1K Gtd $82 Weekly NL Single Draw 2-7 $1K Gtd

So as the Sun sets on another great weekend of results for members of PokerSchoolOnline we would like to congratulate all of the winners above. Who knows, next week it may be you that we are writing about. If you made a big cash over the weekend we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch by leaving a message for us on Facebook below or by Tweeting us @PokerStarsPSO

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