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A Little Weekend Tipple – PokerStars School Results
It's nice to kick-off the shoes and sit back and relax on a Sunday afternoon with a little drink. James Bond's favourite tipple was a Martini, what's yours? How about a Gin and Tonic? Well even if you don't drink the team here at PokerStars School would like us all to raise a glass and make a congratulatory toast to one of our members. Looking back on another weekend of Sunday Major action on PokerStars it was the second place finish in the Sunday Kick-off by 'Scotch&Dry' that caught our attention with the Australian player pocketing $23,444 for their efforts. Now we'll drink to that!

And the results, just like wine at a good party, keep on flowing. Here's some other notable finishes by PokerStars School members over the weekend.
  • 'random_chu' also from Australia who won $9,813.25 with their 6th place finish in the $109+R Sunday Rebuy tournament which featured a new structure this weekend.
  • 'UhhMee' from Canada who finished 9th in the Sunday 500 to pocket just over $4,269.
  • 'arron8' from the United Kingdom who walked away with $3,690.00 in the Weekender which is a brand new tournament making its debut on PokerStars.
  • 'ziototo94' from Malta who came home 5th place in the Pacific Rim Special to earn $1,508.00
  • 'korjae' from Canada romped home to win the Weekly 8-Game for $1,260.00
  • 'Brian 1967' from Australia who pocketed $1,096.43 for their 5th place finish in the Sunday Spark.
  • 'Kashmir_uzi' finished 4th in the Weekly PL Omaha H/L for $840.00
  • 'bergeroo' from Canada took home $528.75 for their 6th place in the Weekly PL Omaha.
  • And finally a mention to 'broken_jia' from Canada who earned themselves $360.00 with their 4th place finish in the Weekly Razz tournament.
Awesome results and congratulations to all! If you finished deep in a PokerStars tournament recently let us know about it by leaving a comment on Facebook below or Tweet us @PokerStarsPSO