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A Final Table is Almost There
Those of you who regularly read the articles posted here on our Winners Wall section may recall a story posted a few weeks ago about a PokerStars School player called 'ImThereNow' who had a number of decent cashes during this year's WCOOP series. In that article, the player in question stated that his next goal was to target a final table finish during a WCOOP event before the series ended. Alas, he's still waiting to break through to the elusive final table however he did record another great result recently finishing 29th overall in a recent Sunday Million tournament and earning $2,005.75 for his efforts. We caught up with him again for a quick interview to talk about this tournament experience.

PokerStars School (PSS): How did you get into the Sunday Million tournament? Did you buy in directly or was it via a satellite?
ImThereNow: I qualified via a satellite like always. I think PokerStars offer great value satellites and I often qualify in the satellites that have a ratio of 1/10 qualifiers.

PSS: Tell us about your tournament. What were the highs and lows?
ImThereNow: The tournament didn't start so well as I was down to around 900 chips after less than half an hour of play, and that was from a starting stack of 10000. In one particularly ugly hand, I lost a lot of chips against a crazy opponent. I had AKs and flopped top pair but unfortunately, I was not to know that my 'crazy' opponent had flopped a set. Usually I would never stack-off with just top two pair but in this instance I really believed my hand was good. That hand did a lot of damage early on in the tournament. But I didn't despair and my incredible come back started with shoving a couple of mediocre hands. After two hours of play later I was back up to 25,000 in chips.

Another great result for 'ImThereNow' in a major tournament on PokerStars

The tournament from then on went really nicely and I made some really good moves consistently chipping-up into the top 100 stacks. Then about 5 hours into the tournament I won an incredibly big pot when I turned a flush in the Big Blind position and the opponent had badly slow-played a set in a 3-way pot. I put on the maximum pressure and managed to make a big double up that put me 3rd in chips!

The lows started to appear when we got down to the final 30 players remaining. Unfortunately, I lost a big flip with AK vs TT and another one when I jammed a few BBs with Pocket Two's on the button and got called and lost the flip.

PSS: What is your best result so far? This one?
ImThereNow: It's my best results since I came back to poker a couple of months ago to build another bankroll. I had already very good results in the past on PokerStars including two previous five figure results.

PSS: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker? Sort of like a checklist while you play?
ImThereNow: I do follow a preflop raising guide depending on my position that I worked out watching videos and reading articles. Then I adapt my overall strategies to the stack sizes, the opponents and the table dynamics. I also take lots of notes on opponents

PSS: In what way did the School help you improve?
ImThereNow: I love watching videos and reading poker article, all the knowledge is there we just have to absorb it, understand it and put it in application. Inevitably in poker, if you make a maximum of right decisions based on your knowledge and experience you end up being a winning player.

PSS: What tips or advice would you recommend to beginners?
ImThereNow: Well, after this tournament I should definitely say: NEVER GIVE UP! I know it sounds basic but it's true. As long as you have a 'Chip and a Chair' you can still win it! I don't know why but when I went down to 900 chips early on in the tournament I was kind of sure I would come back and I didn't just shove any two cards. I still had 15 big blinds and played it accordingly.

We here at PokerStars School are sure that a final table is not too far away for 'ImThereNow' and we wish him the very best of luck for future tournaments.

ImThereNow was credited with T$20 as a thank-you for providing this interview to the school.
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