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5 Tips for a Winning Poker Tournament Player
There are few greater experiences for a poker player than winning a tournament. Watching your chip stack increase as players around you bust out is a great feeling, and the adrenaline really starts to pump as you approach the big money. Of course, you'll have to navigate through different stages to get to the finishing line, and that doesn't happen without some big decisions along the way.

Players that are new to the game can find it even more challenging, as they are learning with each new experience. In this article you will find five key tips for a new player to help with that transition towards becoming a winning tournament player, as well as a video explaining the basic principles of the game.

Five tips for a winning poker tournament player:

Learn the rules and hand rankings; you can't play the game without knowing what beats what at the table.

Understand the importance of position at the poker table and how it relates to your starting hand strategy.

Learn to adjust your bet-sizes according to how many big blinds you have remaining. Also ensure you know how to calculate your outs before calling a bet by another player.

Making correct decisions will lead to long-term success, but in the short term, players will experience variance. Make sure your game is not affected by factors outside your control.

Manage your poker bankroll carefully. This is a vital skill that all successful poker players need to master.

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